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1928   Born on April 16 in Havana, Cuba.


1939   First drawing lessons.


1940   Enters Belen Jesuit Boarding School.


1941   First painting lessons.


1944   Enters La Escuela Elemental de Artes Aplicadas Anexa a San Alejandro.


1946   Graduates from high school and enters San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts,

Havana, Cuba.


1948   Goes to New York, studying for a brief period at the Art Students' league

under the direction of George Grosz and Yasuo Kuniyoshi.

Returns to Havana the same year, and enters the University of Havana

to work on his doctorate in philosophy.


1950   Graduates from San Alejandro Academy and within a year has his first one man show at the Lyceum Gallery, Havana, Cuba.


1951-59 Travels extensively between Cuba, Europe, The United States, and South America.


1951   Abandons studies at the University of Havana.


1953   First one man show in Europe, Galería Buchholz, Madrid, Spain.


1953   Returns to Cuba and develops interest in a brighter palette and still lives.


1955   First one man show in the United States at the Pan American Union, Washington D.C.


1955   Develops interest in landscapes and abandons figure painting.


1957   Awarded Honorable Mention at the Fourth Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


1957   The national school of Architects of Havana awards him a prize which consists

of commissioning a ceramic mural.


1959   First one man show in South America at the Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas, Venezuela.


1959   Travels to Europe under a scholarship awarded by the Cuban government.


1959   Moves to Paris, France.


1960   First one man show in Paris at Galerie Fürstenberg directed by Simone Collinet.


1960   Series of erotic drawings and paintings.


1960   Beginning of beige period.


1960-68 Participates regularly in the Salon de Mai, Paris, France

1961   His first son, Clodio, is born on May 18.


1962   First paintings of the Athenea Polimastia series.


1962   First paintings of L'Obssesion Comme Méthode de Pensée Series.


1963   Beginning of black and white period.


1964   Daughter, Clea, is born on April 20.


1968   Produces series of erotic drawings and paintings. Leaves Paris and with his wife Lia destroys three objects, seven collages, eight paintings, and ten drawings.


1968   Moves to San Juan, Puerto Rico.


1969   Son, Sebastian, is born on June 19.


1971   Prepares edition of 20 collages on serigraphy, Galería Colibrí, San Juan, Puerto Rico.


1972   Moves to New York, where he remains until his death.


1970-80 Enters a dark brown period where machine-like forms become prevalent.

Creates new objects.


1978   Completes Jose Marti portfolio commemorating 20 years of Cuban exile.


1978   Is awarded Cintas Fellowship.


1980   Snake-like forms appear.


1982   Artist's mother, Hortensia, who lived with the family, dies.


1983   Exhibits at FIAC, Paris, France.


1987-92 Writes his memoirs (unpublished manuscript).


1985   Subtle return to color.


1989-91 Exhibits once again at the Salon de Mai, Paris, France.


1991-94 Travels several times to Los Angeles, California where he produces his first colossal drawings.


1992   Retrospective, The Art Museum at Florida International University, Miami, Florida.


1999   Casts Venus de Roaix, 6/6 (2 authorized) bronze sculpture, Empire Foundry.


2006   Dies on June 2 six weeks after his wife Lia’s passing on April 22.



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