Agustín Fernández

Among the most cosmopolitan artists to emerge from Cuba’s final vanguardia generation, Agustín Fernández (1928-2006) ranks as one of Surrealism’s most discerning latter-day interpreters.

Fernández cultivated an idiosyncratic visual language distilled through the erotics of desire and vulnerability, provocatively ratcheted up through contact first with the post-war Surrealist circle in Paris and, starting in 1972, with the gritty counterculture of downtown New York. The trajectory of his career, from the lyrical exuberance of his early work in pre-Revolutionary Havana to the coolly sadistic armored plates of later years, suggests a rich assimilation of the artist’s Cuban inheritance and identity with the conceptual sophistication of the contemporary art world. Working betwixt and between more familiar currents of Latin American abstraction and nationalist paradigms, Fernández charted a sui generis course, and his oeuvre speaks subtly both to the condition of exile and to the canny perseverance of Surrealist tropes into the postmodern landscape. 

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ARCO Madrid- March 6-10, 2024

We are pleased to announce that the Leon Tovar Gallery will be presenting a group of drawings and paintings by Agustín Fernández at  ARCO Madrid BOOTH 7B20 IFEMA. Av. del Partenón, 5,  Barajas,  28042  Madrid,  Spain

New Catalogue: A Metaphysics of Eroticism

A Metaphysics of Eroticism is the second in a series of thematic catalogues being published by the Agustín Fernández Foundation as part of its ongoing effort to develop scholarship about the artist and to formally document the large body of Fernández’s oeuvre.  ...

Navigating the Line, October 26-January 25

  Exploring the relationships of violence and eroticism, human anatomy and machinery, unconscious desires, and obsession- Navigating the Line delved into Agustin Fernandez's imaginative and provocative expressions. Highlighting the non-duality in his oeuvre spanning...

The Agustín Fernández Foundation was established in 2005 to preserve, promote and honour the work of Cuban artist Agustin Fernández (1928-2005). The foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization that relies on the generous support of donors to foster scholarship, exhibition, publication and archival projects on the life and work of Fernández.


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